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Current market update

Well to say we have a housing shortage in the Dallas market is an understatement. I attended a housing updated for the DFW market last week and Ted Wilson with Residential Strategies Inc. and his outlook for next 4-5 years is very strong. As far as housing inventory goes a health market is considered to [...]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year………….. I know I’m a little late. There is a good reason for that. Things have really picked up, not just for CUH but for just about every builder I know. Its been slowly building and now I would say we are at a slow simmer. Which is good, we need a slow [...]

Improving housing market

The housing market is looking up. I currently have 5 articles in my inbox all commenting on the uptick in the housing market. Ted Wilson of Residential Strategies was on Fox 4 yesterday morning talking about the lack of good inventory. Ted speaks at quarterly meetings I attend where he gives us a briefing of [...]

Housing shortage?

Was at the Greater Dallas HBA luncheon this last week to hear Steve Brown of the Dallas Morning News speak. He drew a good crowd as always. This was my first time to hear him in person, pretty funny guy. Well the meat and potatoes of his presentation was we are headed for a housing [...]

Goverment Relations/Rally Day

Went to Austin a couple of weeks ago with about 100 plus builders from the greater Dallas HBA. In Austin we were met by approximately 2000 more builders from around the State. We were all there representing the Texas Association of Builders commonly known as TAB. We were there to discuss the current legislation session [...]