Just now trying to blog……

Okay, I have yet to post a blog. Not sure why, life is busy I guess. I’m not sure I have much to say but I guess I will give it a try. Anyway, I have been the interior designer for Classic Urban Homes since it’s inception in 2005. I have a degree in interior design from the University of North Texas and have a passion for design that functions. My view on design is to incorporate how the home will be used or lived in. Is it for a family, couple, or are they young, empty nesters? When you start asking questions of how the space will be used, the design starts to take shape. Whether the house needs a functional home office (not just a pretty space that looks like an office) or a space where you can entertain or is it a house full of kids with tons of stuff you start to understand public vs. private areas in the home. When we build a home for a client, they become our friends not just clients. We get to know them, their families, their pets. All of this plays a role in the design of our homes. I think this is why our homes are getting attention. Not only are they modern in design and function but they are suited to our clients needs. Everything form where the laundry room is located to not having to climb the attic ladder to get the Christmas tree down because we have designed a place for their stuff. As we know, we all have stuff we just need a place for it. So I try to be logical and creative at the same time!

Well, not sure if this is much of a blog but I guess it is a start. I will try to post things regularly about what we are doing or articles that I find interesting. Thanks for reading, Jane

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