Monthly Archives: March, 2011

Goverment Relations/Rally Day

Went to Austin a couple of weeks ago with about 100 plus builders from the greater Dallas HBA. In Austin we were met by approximately 2000 more builders from around the State. We were all there representing the Texas Association of Builders commonly known as TAB. We were there to discuss the current legislation session [...]

Appraisal Institute Launches ‘Green’ Valuation Program

About time! It seems that the appraisers have finally decided to get on board with new building protocols. According to the link below, the appraisal industry is making efforts to educate its members on the value of “green” and the building of high performance homes. This is not unlike the new “green” fields available now [...]

Classic Urban Homes – our plans for the current year

So we’re a little late in working on our new year resolutions – but we’ve got legitimate excuses! We completed and closed three homes from late January to late February, had a couple of successful open houses, travelled to Austin as part of the HBA Rally Day (and got to discuss issues with a Texas [...]