Monthly Archives: December, 2009

Home buyers are focusing on smaller homes

“Home buyers are focusing on smaller homes” according to the USA today. Echoing themes I discussed a month ago relating to a similar article in the Wall Street Journal “Smaller Houses The Way” Housing size drops with each recession, but economists expect the current movement toward smaller homes to continue for some time in part [...]

So sayeth Business Week: “If You Don’t Buy a House Now, You’re Stupid or Broke”

Not sure if I totally agree, but he’s got a good point – interest rates are at historic lows and aren’t likely to go lower. In fact, they are likely to go higher in the coming years. One thing he doesn’t mention is that the US Gov’t is one of the main contributors to this [...]

My thoughts on the climate email fiasco and what that means for “green” building

You can’t turn on the TV or to a news network on the internet without seeing comments on the email fiasco with the climate change scientists. Here are several examples if you are interested: “CLIMATE CHANGE ‘FRAUD’” “Will Climate Scandal Be a Tipping Point?” “The Climate Science Isn’t Settled “ I think this is a [...]