Monthly Archives: May, 2009

I rule DCAD!

For the third year in a row, I have beaten down the Dallas Central Appraisal District! I think I have a perfect record so far. This year I was eight for eight in price reductions with an average decrease of 11%. It pays to be well prepared and to go down there with logical arguments. [...]

Interesting look at job losses since 2004

Here is a very interesting graphical look at job losses by MSA (a census term for Metropolitan Statistical Area) by month since 2004. Clearly not all places have been treated equally. This kind of information goes hand in hand with the Case-Shiller data. Those places with fewer job losses have experienced lower price declines. As [...]

March 2009 Case-Shiller

Just a repeat of prior months. Summary – the rest of the country continues to see declines, Dallas is flat. In terms of overall rankings, Dallas has fallen the least from its peak of all 20 cities, and has been #1 or #2 in smallest loss of all 20 cities in the last year. Touting [...]

Press release: first “green” registered home in University Park!

After much writing and re-writing, I finally issued our press release about our “green” home in the Park Cites. Hopefully someone local will pick up the story, but who knows. Whatever happens, it’s a critical step in the marketing and branding of our company. I like to think we are innovative in the way we [...]

Residential Strategies Q1 2009 Custom Home Exec Briefing

Highlights from today’s lunch:Nationwide:- As I said previously today, nationwide new home starts are at all time (since 1959) lows- Both existing home and new homes sales are also at lows. Interestingly enough, they have both ticked slightly up recently – probably due to foreclosure sales.- National existing home inventory is at nearly a 10 [...]

Housing starts are at a historical low – and that’s good news

The Commerce Department released its April data for new home construction and the numbers were staggering. The previous low (in recorded data back to 1959) for housing starts was an annualized rate of 798,000 in January of 1991. The data yesterday was 458,000 – 43% below the all time low! So, why is this good? [...]

Dallas-Fort Worth is No. 2 in new-home sales

More proof that the Dallas real estate market is holding steady – Dallas-Fort Worth is No. 2 in new-home sales, starts, Metrostudy says. “I expect the D-FW area and Houston to continue to lead the nation in new-home starts and closings,” said David Brown, who heads Metrostudy’s Dallas office. “Even though activity has fallen off [...]

Are you kidding me? FHA nothing down loans are back?

I am speechless. See here: The FHA No Down Loan. In short, the FHA wants to allow first time homebuyers to monetize their tax credit and use it as a downpayment! Didn’t we learn this lesson already?? No downpayment loans encourages people to buy houses they can’t afford and lead to the problems we already [...]

NAHB Green Building convention

I attending the NAHB Green Building convention this weekend. All in all, it was a good event. I found a few things interesting: 1) Not sure it was really well attended. Is that due to the economy or that builders have all crawled under a rock? Or is it because the building business not believe [...]